Are we starting?

I have been on vacation and expected to come back to this army already started, one question remains, when are we starting? 

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Let the CountDown Begin


Rio: We start in two days!


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Custom Penguin

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Hey guys I made us a Custom penguin I just learned how to make them Rio I know your good at making customs so can you make another one?P.S. Sorry if its hard to see click the image to enlarge

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since no one is postin

I see none of you are posting exept rio posted once i think we should just start this when school is over since most of us are busy but i think we should still go on chat and stuff and still post just to keep the site active~Leopard

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Rio: Computer screwed up so I lost all the gfx I currently had made. I will be making new ones shortly. Sorry guys…

Here are the gfx that are coming soon courtesy of Rio:

  • Chat bg.
  • Custom Penguin
  • Banner
  • Flag

All current, epic gfx were not made by me therefore I will not accept the credit for them and would like to thank whoever made them for making them.

Now onto more important business. Golds, we MUST recruit EVERYDAY until our grand opening, NO exceptions. Do personal or group recruiting and just bring people to the site and army any way you can do so. Also… soon.. the world of Club Penguin will fear the Golds once again, you just wait and watch it happen.


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All week recruiting

Everyday is just a recruiting day be ready to come back to the golden ages

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